I had a chance to attend the 9th Boh Cameronian Art Awards (Thank you Ida for the invite!) and what an event it was. It was really like stepping back in time and setting foot in the hall that night was link walking into a dance party from the 20s. The guests were quite into it as well, many were dressed to the 9s with fab 1920s style clothing, fedoras, pinstripes, slicked back hair, the white leathered shoes. And the ladies wore fancy hats, and pearls and really red lipstick!

There were dancing and paper boys shouting ‘Extra! extra! Read all about it’ giving out newspapers (which actualy was the program) The ‘Mob’ was guarding the door to the show. When the announcement came to enter, people were rushing to get inside through the ‘barn door/back alley’ styled doors, to a boxing match already taking place.

The Show itself was entertaining, funny and refreshingly different. The jokes were real, Host and presenters were witty and genuinely funny.

It was an almost complete transformation of the 1920s feel and look.. only thing missing was the thugs with their iconic tommy guns 😛 Kudos to Ida Nerina, the director, and the Kaki Seni troop for making this event so memorable.

Check out my photos at 500px for a glimpse of what it was like at the show.

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